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Press Release – Columbus Locksmith Responds To Crime Reports


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Columbus Locksmith Responds To Crime Reports

Columbus, Ohio, 30/12/2014 — Columbus Ohio property crime rates may be falling slightly, but they are still more than twice the national average. Don Silverman, the proprietor of 24 Hour Locksmith Pros Columbus responds to these claims with some useful advice for protecting your home, car and office.

Don says “Perhaps the best way of protecting yourself is by hiring a residential locksmith before you actually need one!”. A good professional locksmith can provide invaluable advice to ensure that you properly secure your property. They can inspect your home, check the efficacy of all the existing locks, identify unsecured potential access areas and advice on appropriate home security systems.

“A good residential locksmith is much more than a service to unlock your front door when you have lost your key – he is a physical security professional and master key system specialist”, states Don of 24 Hour Locksmith Pros Columbus.

So make the most of the expertise of your local locksmith service. Use their services proactively to identify and address potential seccurity risks before you are subjected to the stress and discomfort of a home burglary. By doing so, you will ensure you don’t become another burglary statistic in Columbus.

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Summary: Columbus Ohio is still a relatively dangerous place in terms of property crime. The best advice from trusted local locksmiths is to use their services to perform a full security check on your home or office and fix any weaknesses as soon as possible.

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