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Who Has Keys To Your Property?

Experts say that for a crime to occur, three elements must be present: ability, motivation and opportunity. Of these, home and business owners can only affect opportunity. Burglars typically will spend no more than a few seconds attempting a break in. A properly installed deadbolt can be a major deterrent. But, what if a thief simply walks in?

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The previous owner of your property may have given keys to family, neighbours, contractors, employees and cleaners; you have no idea who may still have a key. Upon taking possession of a new property you should always change the locks.

Protect Your Property With A New Key

Changing, rekeying or repinning a lock should not be confused with replacing it. When we rekey, our locksmiths simply disassemble the lock cylinder, discard the existing pins, and replace them with ones that match a different key. This inexpensive procedure is completed in just a few minutes.

You should consider rekeying your locks when:

The existing keys were lost or stolen
You purchased a new property and are unsure who has keys
A tenant or another key holder has left
An employee was terminated
You want one key to open multiple locks (keying alike)
You are implementing a master key system

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